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Morphos International is purposed to empower change and transformation in individuals, families and organisations. Established since 2008, Morphos International has nurtured an international community of coaches and partners committed to Nurturing Abundant Lives, Rebuilding Family Relationships and Empowering Organisational Excellence.

Integrating Psychology and Technology, Morphos International partners with clients on a learning journey that is personal, evidence-based, customised, capability-enhancing and empowering, leading to a real, sustainable transformation – a metamorphosis.

Together with an international team of coaches and partners, Morphos International is committed to developing an ecosystem of Coaching, Training and Consultancy services to meet the learning and growth needs of individuals, families and organisations.

Sophia Tan


Sophia Tan is the founder and head coach of Morphos International. With 40 years of experience, she is well sought after to resolve complex people issues. 

Louis Chin


Louis Chin leads Morphos International as the CEO. He also provides coaching and advisory to leaders and organisations. 

Shirley Cai


Shirley Cai leads Morphos International’s office in China. She is a key leader in the Psychometrics and Individual Coaching practices.  

CHANGE need not be left to CHANCE,

CHANGE can be your CHOICE

Benefits to Individuals

  • Discover personal strengths and potential
  • Leverage strengths for productivity
  • Learn to manage personality blind spots
  • Design personal action plans
  • Gain new skills for personal growth

Benefits to Teams

  • Discover team strengths and potential
  • Leverage team strengths to achieve goals
  • Develop team cohesion and collaboration
  • Design team action plans
  • Nurture team culture and synergy

Benefits to Leaders

  • Gain deep insights into each individual
  • Draw on individual strengths to contribute
  • Learn to manage each individual
  • Learn to manage the team as a whole
  • Empower the team for excellence

Benefits to Organisations

  • Align people practices to strategic and operational goals
  • Gain quality psychometric data to facilitate decision-making and strategic management
  • Co-create intellectual property for the company


Drawing upon research insights from the fields of psychology, counselling, leadership and resilience, Morphos coaches co-create learning journeys with our clients, empowering them to lead self, lead others and to lead change.

The Morphos Journey begins with (1) Clarifying Purpose and Awakening to identify goals, challenges and desired outcomes. At this stage, the coach may use metrics and measurements, assessments and feedback, primary and secondary research, review of critical events, stakeholder concerns, and/or professional observations to bring about deep and rich insights.

This leads the client to a (2) Decision Point, where the client decides and commits to a direction for change, taking into account their resources, options, enablers, hurdles, action plans and success measures. With a decision made, the client enters into a learning and growth phase, which involves a progression of (3) Implementation and (4) Evaluation actions.

Ultimately we (5) Celebrate Change with the client, enabling the client to reflect on the defining moments, distilling the key learning points and celebrate breakthrough and growth!

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