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Morphos comes from the Greek Word Metamorphosis, which means CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION.

蜕变取之于希腊文 “Metamorphosis”,意味着改变与转化。

Established since 2008 with a passion for people. Morphos International has since grown to serve more than 5000 clients across 8 different countries through our coaching, training and consultancy services.

By adopting in-depth psychometric technologies based on the latest research in personality and leadership, we are able to provide accurate and reliable predictive assessment of individual competencies and potential to accelerate personal development and empower talent decisions.

As a boutique consulting firm with a global outlook and local touch, we have proven track record in areas of strategic management, leadership, talent development, culture alignment, restructuring and human resource management. Our clientele includes sophisticated corporations such as Jardine OneSolution (of the Jardine Matheson Group), Subur Tiasa Berhad (of the RH Group), Bursa Malaysia Berhad, REAL Education Group, as well as SMEs such as YCK Shipyard Sdn Bhd, Winfinity Pte Ltd, Seaward Chemicals Pte Ltd, Yinuo Furniture Co, together with non-profits such as Fei Yue Community Services, Sri Sempurna International School, ACTS College and Wenzhou University.

In our commitment to nurturing abundant lives, rebuilding family relationships and empowering business excellence, we have also set up learning communities in Singapore, Malaysia and China to support the continuous development of our growing team of more than a hundred coaches and to inspire local learners to adopt a lifelong learning attitude.



身为一家拥有国际见识与实地触感的精品咨询公司,我们拥有策略管理、领导、人才发展、文化协同、企业重组、几人资管理的实战经验。我们的尊贵客户包括如 Jardine OneSolution、Subur Tiasa Berhad、Bursa Malaysia Berhad、REAL Education Group 等先驱企业,YCK Shipyard Sdn Bhd、Winfinity Pte Ltd、Seaward Chemicals Pte Ltd、Yinuo Furniture Co 等中小型企业,及 Fei Yue Community Services、Sri Sempurna International School、ACTS College、Wenzhou University 等非盈利机构。


Our Purpose 我们的目的

Nurturing Abundant Lives 培育丰盛生命

  • We believe in your immense potential to bring about positive change wherever you are.
  • We accept you as who you are, nurturing you towards health and wellness.

Rebuilding Family Relationships 重整家庭关系

  • We believe that the family is the foundation of society.
  • We believe that healthy family relations will nurture healthy individuals.

Empowering Business Excellence 激发企业绩效

  • We believe that businesses can bring about positive societal change.
  • We believe that sustainable growth is built upon the alignment of People, Value and Processes, to its Purpose.
    我们相信持续性的增长是建立在人才、价值、及流程 与 目标的协调上。

Our Change Approach 我们引导蜕变的方式

Partnership 陪伴

  • We walk alongside you, to co-create goals and outcomes.

Facilitative Leadership 引导

  • We do not dictate your actions, preferring to bring out the abilities that are within you.

Empowerment 成全

  • Your willingness to overcome challenges has brought you success and inspiration for us.

Our Services 我们的服务

  • COACHING 教练督导
  • Coaching is a personalised learning experience co-created between the coach and the client based on client interests and goals in alignment to sponsor’s intent
  • TRAINING 培训课程
  • Training is a group learning experience purposed to develop competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes, others) of learners through classroom interactions, workshop activities, learning journeys, etc.
  • Consulting is a dialogic (dialogue-based) learning experience facilitated to solve issues and improve outcomes of teams and organisations with focus on processes and decisions involving leadership, strategy and culture

Our Team 我们的团队

Louis Chin 陈志光

Louis Chin 陈志光

Sophia Tan 陈鸾卿

Sophia Tan 陈鸾卿


Philip Chan

Philip Chan