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Morphos comes from the Greek Word Metamorphosis, which means CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION.

Established since 2008 with a passion for people. Morphos International has since grown to serve more than 5000 clients across 8 different countries through our coaching, training and consultancy services.

By adopting in-depth psychometric technologies based on the latest research in personality and leadership, we are able to provide accurate and reliable predictive assessment of individual competencies and potential to accelerate personal development and empower talent decisions.

As a boutique consulting firm with a global outlook and local touch, we have proven track record in areas of strategic management, leadership, talent development, culture alignment, restructuring and human resource management. Our clientele includes sophisticated corporations such as Jardine OneSolution (of the Jardine Matheson Group), Subur Tiasa Berhad (of the RH Group), Bursa Malaysia Berhad, REAL Education Group, as well as SMEs such as YCK Shipyard Sdn Bhd, Winfinity Pte Ltd, Seaward Chemicals Pte Ltd, Yinuo Furniture Co, together with non-profits such as Fei Yue Community Services, Sri Sempurna International School, ACTS College and Wenzhou University.

In our commitment to nurturing abundant lives, rebuilding family relationships and empowering business excellence, we have also set up learning communities in Singapore, Malaysia and China to support the continuous development of our growing team of more than a hundred coaches and to inspire local learners to adopt a lifelong learning attitude.

About our Founder: Sophia Tan

In 2008, when she could have slowed down her pace and prepare to retire with a monthly pension, Sophia Tan (MSocSc – Counselling) responded to a higher calling to impact lives across the nations through coaching, training and consulting. With that, she placed everything on the line and founded Morphos International, which is purposed to Nurture Abundant Lives, Rebuild Family Relationships, and to Empower Business Excellence.

In our work with clients, we value the following:

  • Partnership: We seek to build a long-term relationship ​​with our clients based on trust
  • Personal Touch: We strive to complement high-tech with high touch, because we are people too
  • Evidence Based: We enable clients to make evidence-based decisions, which are relevant and applicable
  • Capability Building: We empower clients with the right tools, knowledge and skills to make a difference
  • Confidentiality: We respect client confidentiality, which enables us to work in our client’s best interests

As Sophia would often share with us, there was this single mother who was at her wit’s end, penniless, uneducated, and abandoned. She was standing by the riverside contemplating suicide when an elderly couple noticed her and approached her. Through the conversation, the elderly couple heard her story and decided to do what they can to help her, and that changed her life. Today, she is an educated and influential businesswoman. Such transformation attests to the reality that each of us have immense potential to bring about positive change, for ourselves and for others.

Be the change you want to see today!

Our Purpose

Nurturing Abundant Lives 

  • We believe in your immense potential to bring about positive change wherever you are.
  • We accept you as who you are, nurturing you towards health and wellness.

Rebuilding Family Relationships 

  • We believe that the family is the foundation of society.
  • We believe that healthy family relations will nurture healthy individuals.

Empowering Business Excellence 

  • We believe that businesses can bring about positive societal change.
  • We believe that sustainable growth is built upon the alignment of People, Value and Processes, to its Purpose.