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Morphos International was founded in 2008 by Sophia Tan, with the purpose of empowering change and transformation in individuals, families and organisations. Through the years, we have grown to offer coaching, training and consultancy services in Singapore and beyond. Our keen insight into people, coupled with practical skills have led many to experience breakthrough and growth — a true transformation.


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Founded in a Leap of Faith

In 2008, when she could have slowed down her pace and retire, Sophia Tan (MSocSc – Counselling) responded to a higher calling to impact lives across the nations through coaching, training and consulting. With that, she placed everything on the line and founded Morphos International with a leap of faith. There were no business plans, no customers and no funding. Yet by standing up based on her strong beliefs in what is right and necessary, our mission to Nurture Abundant Lives, Rebuild Family Relationships, and Empower Business Excellence has resonated in the market and led us to empower more and more clients to experience breakthrough and growth.

Consequently, the name “Morphos” is adapted from the Greek word “Metamorphosis”, which means change and transformation, highlighting our core purpose to co-create a holistic, integrative and sustainable change with our clients.

Our logo of a dove represents the high virtues of our coaches to empathise with our clients experiencing the challenges of change, bringing clarity in times of confusion and bringing peace in times of chaos.

Our colour scheme of orange represents our approach to encourage creativity and vibrancy, that will energise the change process and see it through.

Co-creating the Future

Facing increasing volatility and complexity, change is set to be the only constant. How we view change, respond to change and lead change will determine how our future will be like.

As your partners for change, Morphos is keenly aware of the changing circumstances we live in, and the various risks and opportunities that will pose. We are also equipped with the psychological understanding of change and our readiness to embrace change. Integrating insights from both external and internal factors, our coaches can better facilitate change and enable individuals, teams and organisations to co-create the future.

In addition, your Morphos coach is part of a greater global community, with diverse knowledge, experiences, resources, and connections that can meet your current challenges.

At Morphos, we adopt a community approach to serving our clients, and based on client needs, we can form project teams or provide on-going coaching services, to ensure that we co-create the future with you.

The First Spark

Driven with a Passion for People

Sophia Tan (MSocSc) has been involved in counselling and training for various organisations since 1984. She has never thought of starting her own company, until a time when she was transiting in an airport in China. A video of a motivational speaker caught her attention and the more she watched, the more she felt that the speaker was sharing more about religious practices instead. Frustrated, she returned back to Singapore wondering if there is anything she could do.

One Thing Led To Another

Alignment of Vision

Upon her return to Singapore, some friends starting calling Sophia to ask if she had started a business. Confused, and with a bit of jet lag, she wondered if someone was playing a prank on her. As she was thinking about what she should do when she retires, a distant friend called. Soon, they were chatting about her observations in China and an introduction was made to Dr Shirley Lim of Research Communications International, the founder and creator of the PEAKS Psychometric Technology. One thing led to another, and the engines of entrepreneurship revved up.

Creating a Better Future

Striving Ahead

The final frontier, is not in space, but in people.

Morphos International is at the forefront of empowering people to scale their peaks!