About our company & our coaches

About Morphos

Established since 2008 with a passion to empower people. Morphos has since grown to serve more than 5000 clients, partnering them to discover their strengths and potential, and propelling them to achieve breakthrough and growth.

Our Coaches

With 3 levels of coaching expertise, namely Morphos Associate Coach (MAC), Morphos Professional Coach (MPC) and Morphos Master Coach (MMC), we can partner you through the various changes in life.

Our Clients

We have experience supporting organisations regardless of industry, scale, or business stage. Our key criteria is that the organisations we support must value people, otherwise well-intended initiatives will end up in vain.

More about Morphos International

Find out more about our founding story, our journey, the clients we serve, and the stories that bring us all together.

More about our coaches

Our coaches are making the difference wherever they are, empowering people and transforming lives. Here are the stories of extraordinary deeds, and the coaches that make it happen.