Areas of Expertise

Thriving in a VUCA world

Facing today’s rapid change, one of the greatest business challenges is to stay relevant to our target market. The world is changing, so are our customers and our people. As business leaders, it is up to us to lead in this time of change, aligning people to a common passion and purpose, and empowering them to excel.

At Morphos, we partner individuals, teams and organisations for change, providing holistic and integrative solutions to bring about breakthrough and growth.

Our approach involves aligning people empowerment, strategic innovation and operational excellence to the shared passion and purpose of the team and organisation.

Scaling your PEAKS

By employing PEAKS profiling technology, which is a personality profiling tool based on extensive research using best practices in Leadership, Personality and Resilience Development and the Five Factor Model, we provide solutions that are personalised, actionable and evidence based.

PEAKS stands for:

  • Purpose – how you respond to tasks
  • Energy – how you respond to relationships
  • Affirmation – how you respond to authority
  • Knowledge – how you respond to change
  • Sustainability – how you respond to stress

Psychometric Research

Built on the Five Factor Model of personality, our psychometric systems provide reliable and deep insights for predicting behaviours.

Paradigm Shift in People Analytics

The “PEAKS PROFILE” series is based on the Five Factor Model of Personality (FFM). It is the most current, most valid, and most reliable means of assessing personality available today. Psychologists are predicting that it will be the primary means of understanding and interpreting personality in the 21st century.

It is a personality paradigm based upon over fifty years of research. Through analyses that began before World War II, five distinct personality factors have emerged. Rather than being based upon a theory, the profile is based upon actual language – words and phrases – that we use daily to describe personality.

A highly acclaimed definitive model for describing personality differences, some of the key components to the Five-Factor Model include:

  • Personality has five dimensions
  • Scores on the dimensions will fall along a normal distribution (or a Bell Curve)
  • Personality is best described by individual traits than type groups
  • The strength of individual scores indicates personality preferences
  • People who score in the middle range of the scales will have a combination of traits

The PEAKS applications in Asia are authorised by Dr. Shirley Lim of Research Communication International Pte Ltd. (RCI). Now in active use in the workplace, the “PEAKS PROFILE” and its many support materials have been used since 1996 in team building, leadership/management development, organization development interventions, career coaching, selection, job profiling, etc.

The PEAKS profiles are applicable for use in personal, team and leadership/management development, organisation development interventions, career coaching, selection, job profiling and individual and organisational development toward PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Organizations that want to be up-to-date and remove biases from the workplace are turning to the PEAKS PROFILE as their internal personality model of choice since it offers so much depth and understanding for employees and program participants. Speak to us to find out more.

Be Future Ready

Learning in the 21st century involves more than mere digitisation. Increasingly, we recognise the value of the human touch in empowering learners to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will push them to scale their peaks.

Future-ready leaders learn to lead self, lead others and lead change

In a VUCA world, our paradigms of learning must also adapt. Future-ready learners understand that they are leaders in their own right, and the first priority is to learn to lead self. This includes developing self-awareness and self-management. With the capabilities in leading self, future-ready leaders will gain the capacity to lead others, even without a formal title, ultimately leading change through creativity and innovation.

At Morphos, we co-create a learning journey personalised to each client’s personality and needs. We are all unique, how learn should also be unique.

  • Gain in-depth insights into personal strengths and potential
  • Develop a learning action plan with your coach
  • Follow through with growth and breakthrough

Regardless of where you are, or what situation you are in, our coaches are here to bring clarity and journey with you through change. Speak to us to find out more.

Personalised Learning

Integrating high-tech with high-touch, you can learn and grow in the way that fits you best and optimises outcome.

Organisational Development

Through the alignment of people, strategy and processes, to the shared purposes and values of the company, we create an organisation with impact.

Aligned for Breakthrough Growth

When a group of individuals come together for a common goal, they do not immediately become a team. There is a process to nurture cohesion and learning to leverage on complementary strengths, before synergy can be gained in alignment to the common purpose.

Teams and organisations succeed when they are aligned to a common passion and purpose.

Regardless of industry, every team and organisation can succeed only when the people are aligned to a common passion and purpose. This alignment involves not only the psychological aspects, but practical people processes involved in People Empowerment, Strategic Innovation and Operational Excellence.

At Morphos, we are the experts of the change process, serving teams and organisation regardless of their phase of development and the industry focus they are in. Our organisational development services can be broadly classified into the various people processes:

  • Alignment – Clarifying the core passions and purposes of the team and organisation, providing the basis for developing culture and facilitating organisational change
  • People Empowerment – Facilitating initiatives to ensure the processes and systems serve to maximise people potential and to optimise performance
  • Strategic Innovation – Enabling teams and organisations to discover their strategic competitive advantage, and unique value proposition, to better serve market needs and grow sustainably
  • Operational Excellence – Optimising people systems and processes in the organisation to improve productivity, profitability and performance.

Morphos consultants are usually engaged as Strategic HR Partners or Coach-in-residence, to provide the above services. Speak to us to find out more.

We co-create a holistic, integrative and sustainable change with our clients

Get in touch with us to know more.

Professional Coaches

Morphos coaches are developed through a rigorous process that equips them with holistic skillsets and multiple toolkits.

Life Impacting Life

The journey for change has its challenges, and people who made it all the way through would know that it takes more than personal will. Successful change takes someone who genuinely cares for you and speaks truth to you, someone like a coach.

Coaches play multiple roles in your journey of change. Some act as sounding boards, some hold you accountable, while some point you to the resources needed.

Coaches come alongside you in this journey of life. Some act as sounding boards to hear you out, to help you sort through the confusion around you. Some hold you accountable, ensuring that your plans are practical and achievable. While some point you to the right resources. Above all, your coach desires to see you grow in capabilities and potential.

At Morphos, we provide a systematic and practical process to developing our professional coaches, ensuring that the coaches themselves will experience breakthrough and growth in their lives. It is only with that experience, that their lives can be a positive impact to the lives of others.

  • Morphos coaches are real people you can connect with
  • Morphos coaches are experts in the journey of change
  • Morphos coaches hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism, including protecting client confidentiality

Find a coach in this journey of life. Speak to us to find out more.

Co-Creating Value

Organisations which put people at the core of what they do understand the complexities of people dynamics. Working through these dynamics can involve a series of programmes and initiatives, not only for employees, but also for the clients that serve.

Organisations seeking to expand their reach may also partner with us and build on our international network of coaches.

At Morphos, we seek partners with similar values and mission, to co-create sustainable solutions to address people issues. Collaboration projects may include:

  • Provision of academic and life coaching to youths
  • Establish corporate academies to raise overall competencies in the industry
  • Lead investment projects to create sustainable economic value

With our diverse pool of talents, we have experience in delivering projects across various industry verticals and geographies. Speak to us to find out more.

Organisational Partnerships

Morphos partners with organisations to provide value-added services to their customers and/or employees.

Family Life

Family relationships can be complicated or even challenging, but there is hope, if we do the right thing.

Vibrant Family Starts With You

Regrets relating to family life are often raised as the issue we hope to change in our lives, if we have a chance. Yet for many of us, the complications and challenges relating to family living mean that it is difficult to do anything to change anything.

For some, the challenges are compounded by the intertwining of business interests, family investments, and estranged members. With that sensitivities need to be respected, for any meaningful progress to be made.

At Morphos, we recognise the complexities and challenges related to family life. We have experience serving families in:

  • Developing teamwork in families
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Advising on family business structures and investments

Speak to us to find out more.