Morphos, Partners for Change

Founded in a Leap of Faith

In 2008, when she could have slowed down her pace and retire, Sophia Tan (MSocSc – Counselling) responded to a higher calling to impact lives across the nations through coaching, training and consulting. With that, she placed everything on the line and founded Morphos International with a leap of faith. There were no business plans, no customers and no funding. Yet by standing up based on her strong beliefs in what is right and necessary, our mission to Nurture Abundant Lives, Rebuild Family Relationships, and Empower Business Excellence has resonated in the market and led us to empower more and more clients to experience breakthrough and growth.

Consequently, the name “Morphos” is adapted from the Greek word “Metamorphosis”, which means change and transformation, highlighting our core purpose to co-create a holistic, integrative and sustainable change with our clients.

Our logo of a dove represents the high virtues of our coaches to empathise with our clients experiencing the challenges of change, bringing clarity in times of confusion and bringing peace in times of chaos.

Our colour scheme of orange represents our approach to encourage creativity and vibrancy, that will energise the change process and see it through.

Co-creating the Future

Facing increasing volatility and complexity, change is set to be the only constant. How we view change, respond to change and lead change will determine how our future will be like.

As your partners for change, Morphos is keenly aware of the changing circumstances we live in, and the various risks and opportunities that will pose. We are also equipped with the psychological understanding of change and our readiness to embrace change. Integrating insights from both external and internal factors, our coaches can better facilitate change and enable individuals, teams and organisations to co-create the future.

In addition, your Morphos coach is part of a greater global community, with diverse knowledge, experiences, resources, and connections that can meet your current challenges.

At Morphos, we adopt a community approach to serving our clients, and based on client needs, we can form project teams or provide on-going coaching services, to ensure that we co-create the future with you.

A brief History

  • 2008



    Morphos International was founded in Singapore by Sophia Tan (MSocSc) to provide coaching, training and consultancy services. In the same year, we have started to make inroads into the Malaysian market.

  • 2009

    Flying Overseas

    In 2009, Morphos started to expand into China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesian markets.



  • 2010


    First Major Alignment Project

    In 2010, we were engaged by Jardine OneSolution (under the Jardine Matheson Group), to provide psychometric profiling, coaching and alignment training. This is our first major break into large scale corporate projects.

  • 2012

    Landed Strategic HR Service Contract for Listed Company

    In 2012, we were engaged for a period of 3 years to provide coaching, training and strategic human resource consulting to a listed company with over 2,000 employees.



  • 2013


    First Steps into the Middle East

    In 2013, we were engaged to provide a series of training sessions for leaders in the Sultanate of Oman.

  • 2014

    Preparing to Multiply

    In 2014, we decided to make preparations to scale up our work by first multiplying more coaches. We started to put together a plan to engage, equip and empower coaches by setting up communities of learning and a systematic path to coach development.



  • 2015


    Learning Communities in Malaysia and China

    In 2015, we established companies in Malaysia and China, and these companies then facilitated the development of learning communities and coach development in their respective regions.

  • 2017

    Appointment of Louis as CEO

    In 2017, Louis is appointed as CEO to take charge of the day to day operations, and to lead the business towards greater heights.



We co-create a holistic, integrative and sustainable change with our clients

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