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Empowering Lives, Leading the Future 赋能人生领航未来

In the face of volatile change, our lives are filled with uncertainties and success can no longer be predictable. According to the World Economic Forum, artificial intelligence and robotics spearhead our future economy. With this changing marketplace, are we ready to lead change?

Dignity, not Digital

Through the ages, progress in the human race has been driven by technological advancements. In recent years, technology has even brought about an evolution of “human beings” who cannot live without their phones, living their lives with heads constantly bowed. Without a doubt, technology has contributed immensely to our lives, yet if we lose ourselves to it, we ultimately become slaves to technology. Perhaps it is times such as this where we need to consider what is the true value of life?

The French philosopher and writer Michel de Montaigne once said, “the value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them.” In 2008, Sophia Tan (MSocSc) has reached a peak in her life and could have slowed down in preparation for a comfortable retirement. Yet while waiting for her plane in Shanghai airport, she was drawn to the showing of motivational videos and the vast array of self-help books. In her, something stirred, a cry from the masses, a desire to live a life of value and dignity.

In that moment, she heard a call for action, and devoted all her energies and resources to create Morphos International, to Nurture Abundant Life, Rebuild Family Relations, and Empower Business Excellence. To date, Morphos International has used the PEAKS psychometric profiling technology to help more than 5000 individuals unearth their strengths and potential, guiding them towards living a dignified life, and experiencing breakthrough and growth through learning.

Empowering Change

Similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the metamorphosis of our lives is also a process. If we desire to live a life of value and dignity, we need to understand that this is a process that starts with self-awareness. It is once said that “once you understand yourself, you will understand many things, and discover that many things have been prepared for you.” Let your life change not by chance, but by choice.

  1. What are your dreams?
  2. How can you plan your goals to achieve your dreams?
  3. What is your action plan?
  4. What are the resources and capabilities needed?
  5. Are you ready?

Clarifying our purpose is not just a mental exercise, it should also stir up an energy within you. With this energy, we can take the first step in this journey of change. Though there may be times when we face challenges and feel like giving up, remember that life progresses only when there is change.

Leading the Future

Change is the new constant now. Are you ready? Is our education system ready? Are our business operations ready? Are our families ready?

Fortune magazine had already reported that 40% of traditional jobs will be replaced by technology in 15 years. It is important that we make adjustments to immediately pick up knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for the 21st Century. Our education should also refresh the teaching methods to promote higher-order thinking skills. Companies would also do well to see “people” as their strategic competitive advantage and use that to great effect. Family lives seeing changes from all sides should also learn to create balance.

Although change is not easy, if you have the right self-awareness, the right tools, the right coach, and a community that supports you, then change can be achieved more easily. Morphos International is established for that, to support more individuals to experience breakthrough and lead the future.

Morphos International is a regional company that provides coaching, training, and consultancy services. We apply deep level psychometrics to enable clients to create a holistic, integrative and sustainable change journey. Morphos partners endeavour to Nurture Abundant Lives, Rebuild Family Relationships, and Empower Business Excellence. We provide PEAKS self-discovery coaching and Morphos Coach Training as a first step to experience Morphos. If you would like to experience breakthrough and lead the future, please contact us.





自古里来,人类的晋升离不开科技创新带来的变革。进几年的科技突破更是让人类晋升到 “手机不离手” 的 “低头族” 现象。现今科技虽然对人类有极大的贡献,倘若人类失去了驾驭科技的能力,我们就可能成为科技的奴隶。或许在这时刻,我们更要考虑 “人生” 的价值是什么?

古人司马迁曾说到 “人固有一死,或重于泰山,或轻于鸿毛”,可见人生的价值是有贵贱之分,而往往这决定在于你我的手中。在 2008 年,陈鸾卿资深导师(辅导硕士)已经到了人生高峰,是能够放慢脚步预备退休的。但就在上海候机厅里,看着那不断播放的激励演讲视频与那层出不穷的自我激励书籍,她深深的体会到大家内心的呐喊:“我们要活出有价值的尊贵人生!”

在这震撼中,陈鸾卿导师仿佛听见自己人生的呼召,付出毕生的精力与资源创建了蜕变国际来培育丰盛生命、重整家庭关系、赋能团队卓越。如今,蜕变国际已透过 PEAKS 高峰性格分析科技帮助超过 5000 人发掘优势潜能,并引导大家选择活出尊贵人生,以积极学习经历成长与突破。


就如毛虫蜕变成为蝴蝶一样,人生的蜕变也是一个过程。倘若我们选择活出有价值的尊贵人生,我们要知道这会是一个过程,而这过程的起点将会是自己对自己的认识。有句话说到,“当你真正认识自己时,很多事情就会明白了,而你会发现很多东西都是为你而预备的。” 人生的蜕变不必是机遇巧合,而是你我的抉择:

  1. 我的梦想有什么?
  2. 我能如何策划目标达成梦想?
  3. 我的行动计划是什么?
  4. 我需要配对哪些资源能力?
  5. 我准备好了吗?




《财富》杂志已报道 40% 的传统工作将会在 15 年内被科技取代。我们必须尽快调整,提升符合 21 世纪的知识、技能与态度。教育机制也必须更新教学法,提倡能引领未来的高层次思维。企业更需要看重 “人” 的战略性优势,并懂得发挥其优势。家庭生活也要懂得在多重改变下,取得平衡。


蜕变国际是个跨区域性的教练督导、技能培训及企业咨询服务公司。我们透过深层次的心理分析科技为客户打造全面性、综合性、与可持续性的蜕变旅程。蜕变伙伴们使命于培育丰盛生命、重整家庭关系,赋能团队卓越。我们提供的 PEAKS 自我认知督导,及蜕变人生教练导师课程是客户体验蜕变的第一步。若想要经历人生突破、领航未来,请联系我们。

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