Coach Learning and Development


1) Coach Certification Course

Morphos Coaches are trained with coaching and facilitation skills to become a partner for change with the clients they serve. Each level of expertise training allows the coach to develop their skills further and increases scope of services they can offer to the clients.

Code Product
ML-1 Morphos Facilitator Course (2 day)

Learns to provide basic facilitation and debrief to clients.

ML-2 Morphos Associate Coach Course (2 day)

Learns to provide multi-session personal development coaching to clients. Coaches may also choose to adopt a specialisation moving forward.

ML-3 Morphos Professional Coach Course (2 day)

Learns to provide team-based coaching to clients.

ML-4 Morphos Master Coach Course (awarded by recognition)

Provides organisational level projects, or projects with significant impact to clients.

Coach Certification Learning Topics Include:

  • Morphos Facilitator Course
  • Morphos Associate Coach Course
  • Morphos Professional Coach Course
  • Morphos Master Coach Course