Coach Continual Learning

Coach continual learning offers training in essential coaching skills for continual improvement.

Code Product
MC-01 Narratives for Change (2 day)

Learn to harness the narratives of clients to help them experience breakthrough change.

MC-02 Decision Tools in Coaching (2 day)

Apply decision tools to help clients move forward.

MC-03 Simple Therapy Methods (2 day)

Apply therapy methods to help clients overcome inner conflicts and past hurts.

MC-04 Handling Crucial Conversations (2 day)

Gain practical skills to discuss difficult issues with clients.

MC-05 Live Action Coaching (2 day)

Observe and provide real time coaching feedback.

Coach Continual Learning Topics Include:

  • Narratives for Change
  • Decision Tools in Coaching
  • Simple Therapy Methods
  • Handling Crucial Conversations
  • Live Action Coaching