1) Vibrant Marriage Coaching

Marriage is a significant life event that we invest a lot of time, energy and resources into. However, the reality is that marriage is more than a wedding event, it is a life journey. Investing in your marriage journey will build a solid foundation for your marriage, guarding it against future threats, and lead to a fulfilling life ahead. Your Morphos Certified Coach will work with you and your spouse (or spouse-to-be) on selected topics, such as:

(1) Marriage Concepts and Attitudes

(2) Stages of Marriage

(3) Values and Habits

(4) Family Planning and Parenting

(5) Family Financial Management

(6) Managing In-Laws Relationships

(7) Managing Conflicts and Differences

(8) Challenges in Communication

(9) Challenges in Sexual Intimacy

The coaching sessions can be conducted for a couple, or as a group.

Code Product
VMP Vibrant Marriage Preparation (4 sessions x 2hr)

Pre-marital coaching in preparation for marriage life. Solemnisation and wedding event support may be available upon request and may incur additional costs.

VMC Vibrant Marriage Coaching (4 sessions x 2hr)

Coaching for married couples to work through marriage issues.

2) Vibrant Family Coaching

The family is the natural unit and basis of society. Healthy and vibrant families not only give life to individual family members, but also supports a healthy and wholesome society. Yet the family unit is under numerous threats and your Morphos Certified Coach is here to walk through and overcome the challenges ahead.

Signs of Family Relationship Challenges:

– Frequent arguing between family members

– Breakdown in communication

– Angry outbursts

– Avoidance

– Physical conflict

Examples of Family Relationship Challenges:

– Financial problems

– Divorce / Separation

– Issues relating to sexuality

– Issues relating to addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming, etc.)

– Issues relating to mental health problems (depression, bipolar disorder, bulimia, etc.)

– Bullying and harassment

– Lack of trust and respect in a relationship


– Facilitate open discussions about challenges faced

– Leverage on mutual strengths to overcome challenges

– Work with each other to nurture healthy family relationships

The coaching sessions are conducted as a family. Breakout sessions may be recommended. Additional sessions may be recommended.

Code Product
VFC Vibrant Family Coaching (3hr)

The coaching sessions are conducted as a family. Breakout sessions may be recommended by the coach as the need arises. Additional sessions may be recommended.For families involved in a family business, Vibrant Family Business Coaching is recommended to not only address relationship issues in the family, but also in terms of how these relationships affect the roles and boundaries at work.

Code Product
VFB Vibrant Family Business Coaching (3 sessions x 3hr)

(1) Teamwork in the Family: Aspirations, Goals, and Values

(2) Managing Roles, Contributions, and Expectations

(3) Managing Communication, Decisions and Accountability

Family Coaching Topics Include:

  • Vibrant Marriage Preparation
  • Vibrant Marriage Coaching
  • Vibrant Family Coaching
  • Vibrant Family Business Coaching