Rebuilding Family Relationships

Healthy family relationships not only nurture wholesome individuals, but also contributes positively to a wholesome society. Yet, families face increasingly complex challenges in today’s urban life. Factors such as personality differences, financial problems, addictions, changes in family stages, tensions of family businesses, and mental health issues, may become triggers for relationships to reach a breaking point. Whatever your family challenge, your Morphos coach is here to support your family relationships, guiding you to resolve problems and rebuild family relationships!

Learning Areas

Couple Coaching

  • Understanding Romance
  • Couple Relationship Coaching
  • Pre-Marital Coaching
  • Coaching for Remarriage

Family Coaching

  • Spousal Relationships
  • Parenting Relationships
  • In-Laws Relationships
  • Family Team

Family Challenges Solved

  • Differences in personality and value systems
  • Financial problems
  • Divorce and separation
  • Sexual orientation
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming, etc)
  • Mental health (depression, bipolar, manic, etc)
  • Changes in life stages (mid-life crisis, empty nest, etc)
  • Bullying and harassment among family members
  • Distrust and disrespect among family members
  • Tensions spillover from family business

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