Leadership Excellence Assessment and Development Centre

From Instinct to Insight: Making Powerful, Precise and Predictive People Decisions

Of all the decisions that a leader makes, people decisions take up a large portion, and has the greatest impact. Yet many leaders employ instinct rather than insight on these critical decisions, leaving them exposed to unnecessary risks and costs.

At Morphos, we partner with leading providers of evidence-based assessment tools to enable you to make Powerful, Precise and Predictive People Decisions, such as:

  • How do I attract talent?
  • How do I develop talent?
  • How do I engage talent?
  • How do I retain talent?
  • How do I ensure talent succession?

In addition to provision of assessment tools, our consultants can design customised and comprehensive assessment centre initiatives including:

  • Behavioural Interviews
  • Situational Assessments
  • Role Plays
  • Domain and Technical Knowledge Assessment
  • Group Activities and Assessment

We can also establish the assessment centre functions as an in-house “Leadership Excellence” Programme.

Leadership Excellence Assessment and Development (L.E.A.D) Centre

At the core of organisation sustainability is the ability of the organisation to:

– Attract Talent

– Develop Talent

– Engage Talent

– Retain Talent

– Ensure Talent Succession

The LEAD centre programme is specially designed to provide both assessment and development capabilities to strengthen the organisation’s core. An organisation can deploy the LEAD centre as an in-house programme or engage Morphos as an outsource partner in this regard. The centre provides regular talent analysis, benchmarking and development to ensure that the quality of leadership is continuously improving in the organisation.

1) LEAD Courses for Emerging Leaders (3 years or less tenure)

Code Product
E-01 You the Leader (2 day)

(1) Discover your leadership identity, purpose and vision

(2) Build your leadership brand story

(3) Gain awareness of strengths and potential blind spots

(4) Develop your leadership growth action plan

E-02 Leadership in an Organisation (2 day)

(1) Learn about the characteristics of your organisation, its strategy, leadership styles and culture

(2) Develop organisational awareness through Environment Scanning, Stakeholder Analysis and Data Analysis

(3) Gain awareness of common pitfalls in perception and expectations

(4) Understand concepts of authority, boundaries and accountability

E-03 Leadership in a Changing World (2 day)

(1) Understand how you and others respond to change

(2) Learn to think exponentially in a new world

(3) Gain the skills to drive change, instead of being reactive to change

(4) Gain the skills to build evidence trails and make data-driven decisions

2) LEAD Courses for Coaching Leaders (Mid Management Leaders with at least 3 years tenure)

Code Product
C-01 Becoming a Coaching Leader (2 day)

Bring out the best in your subordinates by applying coaching skills

C-02 Leading with Values (2 day)

Discover what drives you and others, and lead others in a way that increases engagement and followership

C-03 Getting Ready for Succession (2 day)

You are progressing to the next level, but who will take your place? Learn how to choose and ready a successor in place, so that you too, can be ready to progress forward

C-04 Evidence-Based Decision (2 day)

Evidence overcomes our natural human biases and misperceptions in decision making, thus reducing our risks and maximises our returns

C-05 Facilitating Effective Meetings (2 day)

Action meetings, operation meetings, sales meetings, etc. Meetings take up a significant amount of time for a manager, learn to facilitate effective meetings and to prevent any potential pitfalls

C-06 Working Across Departments (2 day)

By understanding products/services as a stream of activities leading up to the customer, it is vital that managers learn to negotiate the relationships between departments and ensure quality delivery on every stage

C-07 Personalised Motivation for the New Economy (1 day)

Discover how to best motivate and engage the new demographic at work

3) Long Term LEAD Centre Project
2) LEAD Courses for Coaching Leaders (Mid Management Leaders with at least 3 years tenure)

Code Product
LEAD Centre

(1) Strategic dialogue on people strategy

(2) Workforce analytics for baseline data

(3) Development and validation of leadership excellence model

(4) Design of assessment and development programmes

(5) Implementation of project with on-going evaluation and feedback

LEAD Centre Topics Include:

  • LEAD Courses for Emerging Leaders
  • LEAD Courses for Coaching Leaders
  • Long Term LEAD Centre Project