Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Effective teams formed by competent individuals can work together and accomplish significant goals. Yet many teams perform at sub-par levels and conflicts seem to hold the team back from achieving more. Your Morphos Certified Coach will assess your team’s growth stage and guide the team towards performance.


– Gain awareness of each other’s strengths and potential

– Leverage on mutual strengths and manage blind spots

– Create synergy for team success

The coaching sessions are conducted for a team of more than 2, but not more than 10 persons. Additional sessions may be recommended. Breakout sessions may be recommended.

Code Product
TAB Team Awareness Building (P + C for members, team profile, 3hr)

Gain awareness of each other’s personality strengths and potential, addressing basic team challenges such as communication and potential conflicts.

TAC Team Alignment Coaching (P + C for members, team profile, 2 x 3hr or 1 day)

Align team members personality strengths and potential with team aspirations and goals.

TEC Team Effectiveness Coaching (P + C + LPI for members, team profile, 2 day)

Build team effectiveness through Larson and Lafasto 8 Elements of Highly Effective Teams.

TIC Team Innovation Coaching (P + C + LPI for members, team profile, 4 day)

Engage team innovation through the application of design thinking and blue ocean strategy to develop innovative solutions for business or customer problems.

Team Coaching Topics Include:

  • Team Awareness Building
  • Team Alignment Coaching
  • Team Effectiveness Coaching
  • Team Innovation Coaching