Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics collects and analyses organisational data, presenting it in a manner to enable key leaders to make the right decisions.

With evidence-based decisions, you can

  • Address Challenges with Practical Actions
  • Reduce Risks and Optimise Outcome
  • Ensure Transparency and Accountability
  • Meet Real Needs
  • Minimise Waste of Resources
  • Lead Change

Are you making the best use of your data to optimise people processes?

Workforce Analytics enables you to deep dive into your data, to uncover the insights that lead you to the right decision. Speak with our consultant today and we can help you find the right answers to questions such as:

  • Which hiring channels are the most effective?
  • What is the return of investment on our training programmes?
  • Who is at risk of leaving the organisation?
  • How can we ensure that we are treating staff without discrimination?
  • How can we reduce people costs while keeping our staff happy?
  • What skills and resources do we need now and in the future?
  • Who has the potential to lead a new project?
  • What factors keep our people engaged?

Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics collects and analyses workforce data, presents it graphically to enable key leaders to make the right business decision, such as putting the right person in the right place or modifying compensation and benefits scheme, based on evidence such as:

– Potential-Performance Assessment

– Performance Drivers or Hurdles

– Gaps Identification

– Scenario Analysis

– Identification of Possible Discriminations

Note: To ensure that workforce analytics can lead to building a competitive advantage for clients, we need the following factors in place:

– Top Management Commitment

– The Right Business Question (e.g. What are the reasons for the turnover of my salesforce?)

– Quality Data (7 Tests: Complete, Relevant, Precise, Accurate, Timely, Transparent, Consistent)

Code Product
Talent Talent Analytics (3 to 6 month)

Broad analytics across the whole organisation

Sales Salesforce Analytics (1 to 3 month)

Determines which factors drive sales performance and identify gaps in individual sales performance

Turnover Turnover Analytics (1 to 3 month)

Clarifies employee turnover situation and determines factors leading to turnover, providing interventions to manage turnover figures

Customer Service Customer Service Analytics (1 to 3 month)

Determines factors leading to good customer service and identify gaps in individual customer service performance

Learning ROI Learning ROI Analytics (1 to 6 month)

Determines learning outcomes, and indicators leading to performance, providing ROI figures for learning investments

Custom Analyses workforce data based on client interests
Performance Model Development and Validation (2 to 6 month)

Suitable for small to medium sized enterprises seeking to develop a model to link people to performance drivers

Competency Modelling Competency Model Development and Validation (2 to 6 month)

Develops an organisational competency model to assess and develop people in the organisation to ensure achievement of desired outcomes

DNA Development Needs Assessment (1 to 3 month)

Examines the development needs of the workforce, leading to customised learning experiences, defined leading indicators and evaluation methods

Services Include:

  • Talent Analytics
  • Salesforce Analytics
  • Turnover Analytics
  • Customer Service Analytics
  • Learning ROI Analytics
  • Business Performance Model Development
  • Business Performance Model Validation
  • Competency Model Development
  • Competency Model Validation
  • Development Needs Assessment

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