A Career Is More Than Just A Job

At Morphos, we understand that a career is more than just a job. It embodies our identity, our aspirations and our needs.

We become motivated when our work has:

  • Purpose: “What I do truly makes a difference!”
  • Energy: “I connect with others!”
  • Affirmation: “I am empowered to do my job!”
  • Knowledge: “I grow and learn!”
  • Sustainability: “I have a future here!”

Career Coaching Programme

Objectives 目标:

  • Identify your strengths and development areas 发掘你的强项与发展空间
  • Clarify your career goals 澄清你的事业目标
  • Design your career development plan in line with your goals and capabilities 根据个人目标与能力设计你的事业计划

You will receive 你将获得:

  • 3 sessions of coaching 三个督导时段
  • 1 hour per session 每个督导时段为一个半钟
  • PEAKS Personality Profile and Career Profile
    PEAKS 基本报告 与 职业报告
  • Personalised workbook 个人化手册

Outline of learning 学习概括:

  • Goals 目标
    • What are my career goals? 我的事业目标是什么?
    • What motivates me to work? 什么驱使我工作?
  • Reality 现状
    • My career life to date 职业经历
    • Assessing my career now 分析职业现状
    • What are my strengths and weaknesses? 我的强项与弱点是什么?
  • Plan 计划
    • What are my opportunities and threats? 我的机会与危机是什么?
    • Charting my career development plan 设计我的职业发展计划