Leaders carry upon their shoulders heavy responsibilities to lead teams to achieve organisational goals and to ensure sustainability. Effective leaders not only increase day to day operational effectiveness of an organisation, but will also move the organisational towards creating a culture which attract talents and leaders to contribute to the organisation’s cause.

By employing PEAKS profiling technology, which is a personality profiling tool based on the extensive research using best practices in Leadership, Personality and Resilience Development and the Five Factor Model, our professional coaches will walk through with you to achieve leadership breakthrough and growth!


PEAKS 高峰性向科技运用了具权威性的五大特点研究,结合了领导、性格、韧度发展的最佳标准,能深入的分析每一位学员的优势与提升空间,因而带来启发、突破、及学习。

Leadership Empowerment Programme 灌能领导督导

Objectives 目标:

  • Identify your strengths and development areas 发掘你的强项与发展空间
  • Clarify your leadership goals 澄清你的领导目标
  • Develop your leadership in line with your goals 根据你的目标提升你的领导能力

You will receive 你将获得:

  • 4 sessions of coaching 四个督导时段
  • 2 hour per session 每个督导时段为两个钟
  • PEAKS Personality Profile, Career Profile, Leading People Index, Management Profile, Leadership Profile
    PEAKS 基本报告,职业报告,领导指数报告,管理能力报告,领导能力报告
  • Personalised workbook 个人化手册
  • Coaching from a level 3 or 4 coach 第三或四阶层的导师服务

Outline of learning 学习概括:

  • Leading Self 领导自己
    • Clarifying Vision 澄清愿景
    • Clarifying Values 澄清价值观
    • Clarifying Reality 澄清现状
    • Measurements, feedback, “undercover boss” 测量,反馈,实地考察
    • Enablers and Hurdles 什么帮助你,什么拦阻你
  • Leading Others 领导团队
    • Communicate, Inspire, Influence 沟通、激发、影响
    • Making decisions 决策
  • Leading Change 带领变革
    • Bridging strategy and action 把策略转为行动
  • Leading for Results 带动绩效