How to bring about change? 如何带来蜕变?

Morphos is all about change. With change, there is learning, there is growth, there is opportunity, there is hope. We want change, but how to go about bringing change?
Kurt Lewin has a simple 3 step model for change:
Before we change anything, we must realise that there is already a “set” way of doing things (even though that may seem messy). Hence, for any change can happen, we need to first UNFREEZE by creating motivation for change through methods such as goal setting, reflection, self-assessment, etc. Existing rigidity due to systems and policies may also need to be dealt with, so as to allow for change.
CHANGE can bring about uncertainty and anxiety, fuelling the voices of those who resist such CHANGE. Hence, not only must we consistently and constantly communicate the CHANGE, we also need to gain quick wins to build the momentum towards the future. Depending on the needs of the moment, CHANGE may occur at the highest level of organisational leadership, or it may focus on the frontline sales staff.
It is important to realise that never-ending change may not be the most conducive for the organisation’s long-term growth. We need a clear purpose to focus our energies and sustain our efforts. Hence, we need to REFREEZE the positive changes by integrating such changes into our systems, policies, and culture.
Remember, the accomplishments today may be the status quo of tomorrow. Be the leader that continuously peeks over the horizon, and seeks for the future.
库尔特·卢因 给了我们带来蜕变的简单三部曲。
– Coach Louis Chin
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