In an effort to manage our prices across different geographical regions, please refer to the following exchange rates. 为了管理各国的价格标准,请查看以下的货币兑换率。

1 Singapore Dollars(新元) =

  • 3.00 Malaysian Ringgits(马币)
  • 5.00 Chinese Yuan(人民币)
  • 0.80 United States Dollars(美金)
  • 1.00 New Zealand Dollars(新西兰币)
  • 6.00 Hong Kong Dollars(港币)
  • 24.00 Taiwan Dollars(台币)
  • 0.300 Omani Riyals(阿曼里亚尔)
  • 25.00 Thai Bahts(泰铢)
  • 11,000 Indonesian Rupiah(印尼币)

For currencies not represented above, we will use United States Dollars as the preferred transaction rate. 没有列出来的货币将使用美金为交易货币。

Do note that we provide discounts through our local learning community groups, so please keep in touch to find out if there is a discount available for you. 备注,我们会通过当地的学习群提供价格优惠,所以敬请关注您的区域的学习群,看看是否有优惠价格给你。

We reserve the right to make amendments to the exchange rates whenever necessary, without prior notification. 我们保留权利在没有之前的通知下,进行汇率的调整。