Based on advanced psychometric research and analysis tested amongst leaders in corporate, academic and community sectors globally, your PEAKS Profiles allow for an objective, reliable and valid assessment of the DNA of human personality that is developed for application within all aspects of life.

The PEAKS profiling technology compresses the vast scholarship of advanced psychometric disciplines and channels this knowledge into specialized domains of Leadership, Career development, Learning, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Management, Team & Partnerships, Individual Development Plans, 360 degree feedback, culture maps, etc.


“The (PEAKS) assessment is to profile participants’ personality DNA including their leadership qualities and change readiness.”

Pehin Orang Kaya Seri Kerna Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Abu Bakar Hj ApongFormer Minister of Education, Brunei Darussalam at the e-Hijrah National ICT Futures Summit 2010

“PEAKS Profiling Technology, a locally developed and internationally accepted programme…which will aid them in their personal, relational, leadership, educational and career growth- a useful tool for individuals at various stages of their career.”

Mr Lui Tuck YewFormer Minister, Ministry of Information, Communications & the Arts, Singapore Career and Education 2009

“PEAKS™ has helped me as general manager to transform ATS by adopting new technology and developing the competencies of my team to retain its position as the leading GDS in Singapore. I now have the competence through PEAKS™ to lead in the regional and global arena.”

Ms Cheong Sui HunnGeneral Manager, 2011-2014 Abacus Travel Systems (Singapore)

How is PEAKS Profiling different?

The “PEAKS PROFILE” series is based on the well-researched Five Factor tradition of Personality (FFM) and peak performance/ resilience research conducted by Research Communication International. Psychologists and industry leaders are predicting that it will be the primary means of understanding and interpreting personality in
the 21st century.

PEAKS is a personality paradigm based on years of academic formulation. Through analyses that began before World War II, five distinct personality factors have emerged. Rather than being based upon purely theoretical frameworks, the profile is based upon actual language – words and phrases – that we use daily to describe personality. Personality scores are benchmarked against real data of high performing leaders in industry. The PEAKS profile translates difficult psychological concepts into the language of the day to day.

PEAKS Creator: Dr. Shirley Lim

Developed by RCI’s President, Dr Shirley Lim and anchored by a team of international experts including neuroscientists, analysts and leadership researchers, PEAKS is adopted as the professional research platform for assessing personality-based potential for peak performance in several research institutions, corporations, colleges and universities in various parts of the world.

Based on extensive research by RCI using best practices in Leadership, Personality and Resilience development and profiling traditions such as the Five Factor Model, the PEAKS profiling technology was introduced to Asia and has since found global recognition and use.

The PEAKS profiles are applicable for use in developing and tracking personal, team and leadership/management development, organisation development interventions, career coaching, selection, job profiling and individual and organisational development toward PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Organizations that want to be up-to-date and remove biases from the workplace are turning to the PEAKS PROFILE as their internal personality model of choice since it offers so much depth and understanding for employees and program participants.

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