Billing Matters

  • All forms of billing, invoicing or collection of payments will only be done by the company and its elected local representatives. Coaches may not claim otherwise and collect payments on behalf of the company without explicit written authorisation.
  • To qualify for receiving professional service fees, certified coach need to register with the local representatives with their personal details and local bank account information.

Force Majeure

  • Morphos International Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the programme timing, date or venue, as well as substitute the speaker with other qualified speakers due to reasons beyond our control. If in the unlikely event that a project is cancelled, Morphos International Pte Ltd will refund the full amount and disclaim any further liability.

Personal Data Protection

  • Morphos International Pte Ltd believes that long term client relationships are built on foundations of mutual trust and friendship. Hence we are committed to protecting your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. By registering in our courses, you agree that Morphos International Pte Ltd may collect, use, and disclose your personal data, as provided in the application form, or (if applicable) obtained by our organisation as a result of your registration, for the purposes of processing your application and administration for the course. By participating in our courses, you agree that Morphos International Pte Ltd may collect, use, and disclose photos and recordings taken during the course, and testimonials received for the purposes of marketing and administrative record.

Intellectual Property Rights and Ownership

  • Morphos International Pte Ltd claims and reserves all rights and ownership of all intellectual property used or created through Morphos and its associates, be it in preparation or delivery of a programme. PEAKS and its associated products remain the intellectual property of Research Communication International Pte Ltd.
  • Morphos ownership of all shared information, software and materials need to be prominently displayed and respected. There shall also be no sale or attempts to sell, products or services in direct competition to Morphos, unless otherwise authorised in writing by Morphos.


  • All certified Morphos coaches will be recognised as coaches of Morphos International Pte Ltd, which is a company incorporated in Singapore under the Singapore Companies Act. As such, all legal matters shall be addressed to Morphos International Pte Ltd in Singapore.


  • All certified coaches (from level 1 to level 4), has the right to use and sell Morphos products and services in accordance to the quality standards, procedures and methods adopted by Morphos. Coaches may employ persons to use the sell the products, but such persons may not be Morphos agents, distributors, or representatives. As such nothing shall make the coaches or their related parties, create any obligation on the behalf of Morphos. However, the coaches will to their best ability, promote Morphos products and services.

Amendments to Terms

  • Morphos International Pte Ltd claims and reserves all rights to make amendments to the professional fees plan without prior consultations in response to the needs and requirements of the body of professional coaches.