Do you want to be a life coach that impacts others? Are you looking for a community that celebrates learning and growth? Discover your strengths, unearth your potential, and develop your coaching skills with us! Be a Morphos coach!

Coach Development at Morphos

Morphos CEO, Louis Chin

Morphos CEO, Louis Chin

Morphos community of coaches is purposed to empower coaches for personal learning and growth, and to become effective change partners to impact individuals, families and organisations. As coaches ourselves, we know the challenges of personal growth, self care, content development, business development and technology adoption. The Morphos platform presents a unique ecosystem where coaches can leverage on each other to become better coaches, and create a greater impact.

At Morphos, we have three progressive tiers of coach expertise, namely Morphos Associate Coach (MAC), Morphos Professional Coach (MPC), and Morphos Master Coach (MMC). Each tier has its own coursework and community, and joining us begins with MAC.

Together with my team at Morphos, we are committed to see every individual coach grow personally and communally. Together, we will go far in life. Together we will make a difference.

Partner us to impact lives! ~ Louis Chin, CEO, Morphos International

Coaching is a learning journey on which the coach partners the client to bridge the gap between where the client is and where the client wants to go. In this journey, the client will be empowered with new insight and skills to make decisions and lead change.

Course Overview

Morphos Coach Development Courses facilitate the development of coach competencies through a systematic and integrative approach.

Through the courses, learners will be able to:

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Understand the science of personality
  • Apply personality science to personal and client situations
  • Gain coaching skills to help individuals, families and organisations
  • Embark on a continual personal learning and growth journey

Integrative Approach to Coaching

Every Morphos coach is not only equipped with facilitative skills to help clients focus on future goals. Our coaches also draw on research insights from the fields of psychology, counselling, leadership, and resilience, to help clients overcome the hurdles to change. The Morphos learning communities also enable coaches to learn how to apply psychotherapies, counselling skills, mentoring skills or advisory skills within a coaching context.

Learn As You Grow

Every individual has different learning expectations and goals. Knowing what you want to learn and why, will help you to focus and reap the fruits of your learning.

Morphos Coach Development Course provides a guided learning process that meets you at your level of learning requirement, be it to:

  • Develop self-knowledge,
  • Harness personal strengths,
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships,
  • Gain professional skills and standing, or
  • Empower others to experience breakthrough and growth

Becoming a Morphos Coach

Step 1: PEAKS Self-Discovery

Discover your unique personality through PEAKS (Purpose. Energy. Affirmation. Knowledge. Sustainability). This can be conducted through individual or small groups coaching.

Through the coaching session, learners will discover:

  • Purpose: How you respond to tasks
  • Energy: How you respond to relationships
  • Affirmation: How you respond to authority
  • Knowledge: How you respond to change
  • Sustainability: How you respond to stress

Step 2: Complete Morphos Associate Coach (MAC) Course

Attending Morphos Associate Coach (MAC) course marks the beginning of becoming a Morphos coach.

Through the lectures, case studies, group discussions and role-plays, learners will:

  • Discover personality and its influence
  • Learn about PEAKS psychometrics technology
  • Learn to interpret PEAKS personality profile
  • Learn basic coaching skills
  • Learn basic PEAKS applications

In-class hours: 16 hours

Step 3: Continuing Learning as an Intern Coach

As an intern coach, you can participate in continual learning and supervised practice. Once you are confident enough and your supervising coach has affirmed your capabilities, you may apply for the accreditation process to be formally recognised as a Morphos Associate Coach. At minimum, accreditation requires 20 hours of case work and the completion of an interview. During the interview, assessors will assess your knowledge, examples of application, and personal experience.

Coaching Specialisation

Morphos Associate Coaches can further their profession by attending the Morphos Professional Coach (MPC) Course in their preferred specialisation:


Life Coaches are equipped and empowered to provide:

  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Academic Skills Coaching
  • Career Skills Coaching


Family Coaches are equipped and empowered to provide:

  • Couple Coaching
  • Family Coaching


Leadership Coaches are equipped and empowered to provide:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Development Coaching

Coaching Coaches

At the highest level of professional expertise, coaches can pursue the Morphos Master Coach accreditation and be recognised as the leaders in their specialised fields. With their leadership, coaches can excel in journeying with the client through breakthrough and growth!

Partner us to impact lives!