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Change brings about Learning and Growth 蜕变带来学习与增值

Have you wondered why two people, when facing the same difficulties, can have two completely different responses? Some respond with hopelessness and despair, while others tackle the challenges resourcefully and positively.

Pondering about what makes the difference, two seas come to my mind. One of them is the Dead Sea, stagnant, salty and devoid of life. The other sea, which is only 63 miles north, is the Sea of Galilee, teeming with life and flowing water.

We can choose to be stagnant, or be full of life. If life is your choice, we are here to walk alongside you, to co-create a better future for you.


当我思考差异的原因时,我顿时间想起了两个海域。其中之一是死海,那停滞的咸水让生命无法存活。另一个海域则是往北方行驶 63 英里的加利利海域,那里有连绵不断的流水,充满生命的气息。


Change is your Choice 蜕变是您的决定

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