No. Course Title Course Description 课程大纲
1 PEAKS Positioning

PEAKS 自我定位

·       Understand your task and purpose focus

·       Understand the importance of goals

·       How to set clear goals?

·       How to sustain achievement?

·       你个人对事务的焦点与目标取向

·       为什么设立人生目标如此重要?

·       如何设立明确的人生目标?

·       持续之道

2 PEAKS Development


·       Understand your interaction styles

·       Selecting your life attitudes

·       Molding your life attitudes

·       你个人对人际互动的处理倾向

·       选择你的生活态度

·       人生态度的塑造

3 PEAKS Success Habits

PEAKS 成功好习惯

·       Understand how you handle relationships and authority

·       Selecting your attitudes towards working with others

·       How to create win-win synergies?

·       你个人对人际关系及权威的选择倾向

·       选择你与人相处与合作的态度

·       如何让大家都成为赢家

4 PEAKS Breakthrough

PEAKS 自我突破

·       Understand your change readiness

·       Understand the importance of creative mindset

·       How to develop and nurture creative mindset?

·       How to actualize ideas through practical skills or leveraging on others?

·       你个人对改变的适应度

·       创造性思维的重要性

·       如何开拓及培育创造性思维?

·       培育实际做事的技能或借力



·       Understanding workplace stress

·       How do you handle stress?

·       How to best manage stress?

·       何谓职场压力?

·       你个人对职场压力的处理倾向

·       压力管理要诀

6 Propelling Leadership: how to develop your abilities?


·       Discover your leadership potential

·       Develop your leadership abilities

·       发掘你的领导潜能

·       发挥你的领导力

7 Developing Business: how to sharpen your business acumen and analytical abilities?


·       Understanding enterprises and business analysis

·       How to analyse and manage business processes

·       对企业敏锐度与商业分析的认知

·       如何了解并管理企业流程?

8 Thriving on challenges: how to transform challenges to opportunities?


·       Understand how you react to challenges

·       How to breakthrough yourself and turnaround challenging situations

·       了解你对挑战的反应

·       如何突破自我,扭转局势?

9 Accelerating learning: how to develop your learning abilities?


·       Understand your learning styles

·       How to use your learning strengths to accelerate learning?

·       发掘自己的学习方式

·       如何运用个人学习优势激发创意?

10 Managing relationships: how to nurture win-win networks


·       Understand your strengths in building relationship networks

·       How to nurture positive partnerships?

·       了解自己对人际关系的取向

·       如何营造良好的协作伙伴关系?

11 Decision Making: how to make effective decisions?


·       Understand your decision making styles

·       How to optimize your decision making abilities?

·       了解你做抉择的习惯

·       如何优化决策管理?

12 Building teams: how to raise team effectiveness?


·       Understand your leadership style

·       How to utilize your personal strengths and avoid blind areas in leadership?

·       发掘你的领导风格

·       如何发挥个人的优势及规避个人盲点来领导?