Dear Coaches and Clients,

Recently, there have been privacy and security concerns about the use of Zoom video-conferencing technology. We have received a lot of information about this from our coaches and clients, for which we are grateful for. As such, we would like to share about (1) why we choose to use Zoom, (2) what Morphos is doing to protect your privacy, and (3) how you can protect yourself online.

(1) Why do we use Zoom?

Morphos International is on the constant lookout for technology that can allow us to overcome geographical barriers and serve our international coaches and clients. In assessment of the tools we use, we consider many factors, such as privacy and security, as well as practicality and ease of use. In terms of video-conferencing tools, we find that Zoom excels in these areas, and thus we have chosen to use it to connect people across different regions, including mainland China.

(2) What are we doing to protect you?

Confidentiality is a core value in Morphos International. As such, we take special care in ensuring confidentiality in the use of technology. As we use Zoom, we have put in place the following practices.

  • Every meeting will have a randomised meeting room ID, and all meeting room IDs are sent out privately
  • Every meeting will have its corresponding password, and only shared to participants
  • Every meeting will be managed by a host for the entirety of the session
  • Screen sharing function can only be used by appointed members
  • In order to protect the interests of everyone, only the host will be allowed to record the sessions

(3) How can you protect yourself online?

  • Ensure that you only click on links shared by Morphos International
  • Avoid clicking on links shared in chat rooms, ensure that the links are trusted before clicking on them
  • Take note of your on-screen presence, to avoid embarrassing moments
  • Ensure you remain muted when you are not speaking
  • Do not disclose the meeting room ID and password shared with you by Morphos International

Thank you for your cooperation, let us create a safe learning environment online.


最近有关 ZOOM 科技出现安全隐私漏洞,许多人对此科技的保密技术与维护开始存有疑惑。我们在此感谢知情的客户与导师第一时间主动提供我们相关信息。因此我们发布此公告是为了 (1)说明为何蜕变国际选择使用 ZOOM 科技,(2)介绍蜕变国际在使用 ZOOM 科技时的保密隐私政策 ,和(3)与你分享在使用任何网上科技时能采取的自我保护措施。

(1)ZOOM 科技运用

通讯科技是蜕变国际一直关注的领域。我们时刻寻找能够帮助我们横跨海洋,服务各国客户及导师的科技。对于科技的考核,我们不但需要考虑到科技的保密度,也必须考虑实用性与易用性。在视讯工具上,ZOOM 显得有额外优势,因此我们采用了 ZOOM 成为我们连接各国,包括中国大陆的主要通讯科技。


保守隐私是蜕变国际的核心价值观之一。因此从科技的运用层面,我们更是严谨对待。在使用 ZOOM 时,我们一贯采取了以下措施:

  1. 每个会议都是全新随机的会议室号,而此会议室号都是私下转发
  2. 每个会议也都有相应的密码,只限参会者拥有
  3. 每次会议从头到结尾都会有主持人监控
  4. 每次会议的屏幕分享功能只限指定会员使用
  5. 为了保障各自利益,只有会议主持人能进行录制


  1. 确保只点击从蜕变国际所发送的链接
  2. 尽量避免点击会议对话室里未确认的链接,确认可信后才点击
  3. 要注意你的入镜场景内容,避免不雅场景
  4. 没有发言时请保持静音状态
  5. 不公布或分享蜕变国际私下发给你的会议链接与会议室号