Call for Collaboration

impacting lives in China

We are looking for collaborators in Asia-Pacific region, especially in Singapore, Malaysia and China. 

Our unique advantage involves:
1) aligning top management on common goals
2) building capabilities within the company
3) providing practical advice and help
4) partnering companies to see through to results
5) applying creative problem solving methods
6) showing personal touch, knowing we are all humans
7) protecting confidentiality
8) ensuring our work is based on research and evidence
We are looking to network with:
1) Network partners with trusted access to organisational decision makers and/or influencers (open to micro-enterprises, SMEs, MNCs, non-profits)
2) Fellow qualified coaches / trainers / consultants who may want to extend their reach regionally (win-win collaborations on our platform)
3) Resource partners that can supply capital, training venues, or technical expertise (app development, data analytics) to support our expansion efforts
Please email Louis Chin at and arrange a time to connect. We will also host information forums from time to time, so please connect with us and let’s keep in touch!