Founded in a Leap of Faith

Sophia Tan, Founder and Head Coach

Sophia Tan, Founder and Head Coach

In 2008, when she could have slowed down her pace and retire, Sophia Tan (MSocSc – Counselling) responded to a higher calling to impact lives across the nations through coaching, training and consulting.

With that, she placed everything on the line and founded Morphos International in a leap of faith.

There were no business plans, no customers and no funding. Only a strong belief in the mission to Nurture Abundant Lives, Rebuild Family Relationships, and Empower Organisational Excellence.

Driven by a strong purpose to empower lives, she conceptualised the name “Morphos”, drawing inspiration from the Greek word “Metamorphosis”, which means change and transformation.

Our logo of a dove represents the high virtues of our coaches to walk through the challenges of change with our clients, bringing clarity in times of confusion and bringing peace in times of chaos.

Our colour scheme of orange represents our approach to encourage creativity and vibrancy, that will energise the change process and see it through.

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The First Spark

Driven with a Passion for People

Sophia Tan (MSocSc) has been involved in counselling and training for various organisations since 1984. While the visionary in her had thought about starting eldercare homes, orphanages, and various charity organisations, she had never thought that of starting her own coaching centre. Then one day, after completing a series of leadership training in China, she came across a motivational training video while waiting for her flight back home. The more she watched, the more she felt that the speaker was simply spewing pseudo-science and abstract concepts about leadership and teams. There was nothing of substance that could be applied in the real world…

Feeling that people deserve better, she wondered what could she do.

One Thing Led To Another

Alignment of People for a Purpose

Upon her return to Singapore, some friends starting ringing up Sophia to ask if she had started a coaching business. Confused, and reeling from travel fatigue, she wondered if her friends were playing a prank on her.

Then one day, a distant friend called and talked about her observations in China. He asked, “Sophia, have you thought about using your coaching skills to start a business?”  and Sophia was connected with Dr Shirley Lim, founder of Research Communications International. One thing led to another, and Morphos came to be.

Co-Creating the Future

The final frontier, is not in space flight, but in people.

Facing increasing volatility and complexity, change is set to be the only constant. How we view change, respond to change and lead change will determine how our future will be like.

As your partners for change, Morphos coaches draw on research insights from the fields of psychology, counselling, leadership and resilience to journey with you through change.

Today, the Morphos story carries on in our global community of coaches, people who share the same passion to empower lives.

If you share the same passions, we welcome you to join us. Click here to find out more.

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Sophia Tan

Sophia Tan

Founder and Head Coach
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Louis Chin

Chief Executive Officer (Group)
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Shirley Cai

Head Coach (Greater China)
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Cactus Lu

General Manager (Malaysia)
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