PEAKS (Purpose. Energy. Affirmation. Knowledge. Sustainability) Psychometric Profiling Technology is the most current, valid and reliable means of assessing personality available today.

Developed by Dr Shirley Lim and her team of researchers, PEAKS can be used to benchmark peak performance at all levels including: individual, team, organisational as well as country level, capturing individual potential, team roles and profiles as well as organisational and country profiles and culture.

  • PEAKS is built upon the Five-Factor Model of Personality which Psychologists predict will be the primary means of understanding personality in the 21st Century. Such instruments, when applied to industry, have a 0.86 to 0.92 measure of reliability.
  • Peak Performance studies based on contextualised current data for local and global relevance

What PEAKS stand for:

Purpose – How you relate to tasks

Energy – How you respond to relationships

Affirmation – How you respond to authority

Knowledge – How you manage change

Sustainability – How you handle stress

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PEAKS is based on the most widely recognized psychometric system known to be…

  • Reliable : Highest reliability of all available personality Inventories.
  • Acceptable :  High acceptance of Personal results by those tested.
  • Respected :  Most widely respected personality model in the personality research community.
  • Compatible :  Serves as a road map to major theories of personality.
  • Valid :  Established predictive validity across a variety of jobs.
  • Uncomplicated :  No theory to understand, just a simple vocabulary of individual differences.
  • Inexpensive :  Administrative costs are low, designed to be used widely.
  • Adaptable :  Customize-able to meet organizational needs

Built on the five factor model of personality, PEAKS analyses your personality through our online questionnaire accessed with your unique PEAKS ID and Password. You will be required to give your most natural opinions to the statements shown. There are no right or wrong answers, only 5 options to respond to the statements (namely SD: Strongly Disagree, D: Disagree, N: Neutral, A: Agree, SA: Strongly Agree).

Upon completion of your profiling, you will receive your personalised profile through your consultant/ coach, who will then interpret your PEAKS profile for you.

In addition to the basic profile, some of the participants may be receiving or may choose to purchase additional profiles to focus on particular areas of interest, for example:

  1. Career Positioner Profile
    • A profile highlighting the jobs that fit your personality, and the career competencies natural to your personality
    • Useful for defining career direction and set in place career development plans
  2. Leading People Index
    • A profile highlighting your leadership strengths in 7 areas, namely (1) propelling leadership, (2) developing business, (3) thriving on challenges, (4) accelerating learning, (5) managing relationship networks, (6) decision making, and (7) building team relations
    • Useful for a simple assessment of leadership capabilities and to benchmark leadership strengths to other leaders in the corporate world
  3. Management and Leadership Competency Profile (also known as management profile)
    • A profile highlighting your management strengths in 5 areas, namely (1) managing self, (2) managing others, (3) problem solving, (4) managing for results, and (5) customer orientation
    • Useful for gaining self awareness in terms of managing self and others and to set specific areas for growth and development
  4. Sales Profile
    • A profile highlighting your specific strengths in the sales process
    • Useful for sales team development and management of sales team
  5. Change Management and Readiness Profile (also known as change profile)
    • A profile highlighting your readiness for change in the various forms and demonstrates your capabilities to champion change wherever you are
    • Useful for identifying change agents and monitoring change readiness
  6. Project Management Profile
    • A profile highlighting your strengths in managing the project phases
    • Useful for developing project management skills in a targeted manner
  7. Leadership Profile
    • A profile highlighting your strengths in leadership using various leadership models and frameworks, such as EQ and Kouzes and Posner Leadership Elements, as well as looking out for potential leadership pitfalls, such as tendency for escalation of commitment
    • Useful for holistic development of leadership abilities
  8. Learner Profile
    • A profile highlighting your learning styles across different learning models such as Kolb experiential learning and preferred learning mode
    • Useful for instructors and teachers to learn more about the different learning styles and how to customise learning programmes to learner needs
  9. Academic Profile
    • A profile highlighting the subjects that fit your personality so that you may excel in them
    • Useful for students to discover the subjects that fit their personality and thus aid subject choice
  10. Projector Profile
    • A profile highlighting how your PEAKS personality compare with the other personality models, including MBTI, DISC, FIRO-B, etc.
    • Useful for personality researchers to compare PEAKS with other personality models
  11. Individual Development Plan
    • A profile highlighting your personality strengths in a development plan format for ease of charting personal growth
    • Useful for individuals who would like to chart their personal development plan
  12. Consistency Profile
    • A profile highlighting the consistency of responses provided by the participant (inconsistencies could be caused by poor self-awareness or deliberate impression management)
    • Useful for management decisions on consultation with a coach or consultant
  13. Partnership Profile (only for 2 persons)
    • A profile comparing the PEAKS scores for 2 persons, their degree of match, and degree of openness towards each other
    • Useful for business partnerships or couples to address differences and other issues
  14. Teamer Profile (for a minimum of 3 persons to a maximum of 10 persons in a group)
    • A profile comparing the PEAKS scores of the team, their degree of match, as well as the team roles played by each team member
    • Useful for team coaching sessions to address team issues and to build team synergy
  15. 360 Degree Profile (speak to us for more information)
    • A profile gathering the perceptions of self, superiors, peers and subordinates (and others) to bring greater self-awareness and insights for change in a leader
    • Useful for leadership development and growth

PEAKS profiles are built upon rigorous psychometric and peak performance models widely researched in major universities. The results are analyzed, contextualised and validated by Research Communication International (RCI) which is a global certifying body that has certified key personnel and consultants in hundreds of corporations, universities and non-governmental organizations in the use of the PEAKS Technology.

Annually, RCI is contracted to profile millions of individuals and thousands go through RCI’s consultancy and training programmes. Over the past 10 years, RCI has maintained alliances with researchers and research centres in the US, UK and Australia. Headed by its President, Dr Shirley Lim, a psycholinguist, RCI has contextualised PEAKS profiling for global use spanning across Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe. In Singapore, global benchmarks are normed and validated for relevance in Asia.

Morphos provides the PEAKS 270 question profiling which can be completed within 30 minutes to an hour. For organisations seeking to profile mass numbers of individuals, we can provide the PEAKS 60 question profiling, which can be done within a few minutes.

The PEAKS profiling system is an integrative psychometric system that requires the individual to complete the assessment in one sitting, so as to stimulate a response that is most natural and innate to the individual. It is therefore not possible for responses on the questionnaire to be saved to be completed at a later stage.

If disconnection should arise during the assessment, we recommend that the individual retake the questionnaire by logging into the system as before.

If you did not receive PEAKS user ID and password by the appointed date, it is recommended that you check your email’s junk mail folder, as your email filter may have filtered it there. Otherwise, please add to your contact list.

As your profiling is done online, there will be no involvement from Morphos during the whole profiling session (unless there are special needs). Thus, your information is safely kept within the server. At Morphos, all our coaches, trainers and staff adhere to professional standards of ethics to safeguard client information. All case studies will be approved by our clients before use.

The 270-question profiling contains counter checking mechanisms to measure the consistency of the answers given. In the event that there is suspicion of anyone cheating the system, you may alert your appointed coach or consultant to assist you.

We welcome any discussions about PEAKS. Please feel free to contact us or visit our Morphos Facebook Page for more information. You may also wish to visit RCI’s website at for more information.