Emphasis on Personality Strengths Drives 21.3% Increase in Performance

Performance review conversations are one of the most difficult conversations to have between a manager and a subordinate, yet with proper handling, such conversations can inspire growth and motivate performance. Based on the research by Corporate Leadership Council (2002), managers who emphasises on performance strengths can lead to a maximum of 36.4% increase in performance, while achieving a maximum of 21.3% performance growth is the conversation emphasises on personality strengths. Both approaches demonstrate a keen understanding and appreciation of the subordinate, leading increased engagement and thus motivation.

Coaches using PEAKS are equipped with the right tools for performance growth:

Likewise as PEAKS coaches, we enter into these crucial conversations with our clients with the purposes of motivating and inspiring performance growth. With PEAKS, we have understanding of our clients’ personality traits which are backed by validated scientific research, which we can use in the coaching session. To further enhance the coaching process, we can gather our client’s performance records to add on to our observations and analysis of the client’s personality.

Similarly, for busy managers who are unable to keep detailed records of a subordinate’s performance strengths, it is also advisable to coach the subordinate with an emphasis on their personality strengths, which is preferably based on PEAKS research.