Summary: Talent Management Challenges

Talent management is a set of organisational processes integrated to attract, recruit, place, develop, motivate and retain productive employees. Organisations today face challenges in talent management in the following areas:

Increased Globalisation and Mobility

  • Increased availability of work opportunities internationally, which may pull talent away
  • Increased competition with international companies for talent
  • Increased diversity to manage in the workplace

Rise of Technology

  • Rise in social technologies create a complex information web where perceptions of companies can change fairly quickly
  • Increased use of information technologies meant that companies need to move beyond conventional methods to recruit and develop talent

Changes in Workforce Demographics

  • Changing demands of employees who work not only for money
  • Emerging workforce may not have gone through difficult times like their predecessors, resulting in lower resilience levels
  • Emerging workforce tends to be more educated along with the shift of focus on technical skills to service skills

Overcoming the above challenges will require the company to (1) have a realistic understanding of how talent impacts the business, (2) set talent management as a strategic initiative in the company and (3) implement systems and processes in an aligned manner to manage talent.


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