“Ms. Sophia Tan was no doubt a very experienced trainer/counsellor with highly effective training skills. In the short 4-session course, she introduced attendees to the knowledge and understanding of what counselling is all about and imparted the necessary analytical and functional skills in basic counselling. Attendees learn how to listen, ask questions, empathize and give constructive feedback to enable the counselees to make informed and logical decisions to help themselves. Whilst practising the acquired skills, I am sure the attendees will learn to be more understanding and patient towards others and, in the process, gain the confidence and respect of the counselees. Invariably, it would also lead to more self-awareness and discovery in both the attendees as well as the counselees. I am very happy to have attended the course. It was an effective, enjoyable and empowering 4-sessions. I feel more confident in my interaction with lupus patients and better equipped to handle and build rapport with those patients who may need comforting and reassurances. Many thanks to Ms Sophia Tan for her precious time and skill and thanks too to Jasmine for facilitating the course for the volunteers!”

– Irene Lim, President of Lupus Association (Singapore)