Butts Belong in this BIN

Knowledge which cannot be applied, is of no value.

We may have the best plans and the best intentions, but how can we get buy in?

We may have designed an excellent learning programme based on best practices, but how can we get actual behavioural change?

We may have built a comprehensive competency-based and/or behaviourally anchored ratings, but will our hiring managers actually use it?

How can we cross the chasm from ideation to action? From strategy to implementation?

Add a dash of marketing FUN to it!


  • Create a compelling tagline (e.g. Butts belong in this bin)
  • Integrate design elements into the tagline to draw attention (e.g. Bold black words on yellow backgrounds)


  • Surprise your reader with a little twist (e.g. replacing the “i” in “bin” with a picture of a bin)
  • Use fun words or symbols which can connect to other ideas (e.g. “butts”)


  • Invite participation (e.g. “Butts belong in this bin” = throw your cigarette butts in this bin)


  • Make it simple and easy for others to take action (e.g. put the bin there so that people can throw the cigarette butts into the bin)


Hope the above tips could help you roll out your plans!

Feel free to contact me to discuss on how I can contribute to your plans!

Email: louis@morphos-intl.com
Phone: (+65) 92316373

And remember, “butts belong in this bin”!