Dealing with apathy at work?

Our organisations face the same challenges in engaging employee participation, encouraging creativity and creating a sense of ownership. Is it apathy? According to Dave, that may not be the case. So what can we do?

1) communicate your message like you would advertise
– keep it simple
– use visuals
– make it stick
– allow follow up

2) use your shared spaces purposefully
– create focal areas for messages
– allow participation and sharing (e.g. post-its, dribble wall, etc)

3) recognise and celebrate excellence
– recognise extraordinary effort by individual team members
– celebrate excellent customer feedback
– ditch “employee-of-the-month” posters, have weekly/daily team meetings instead, and have the “employee-of-the-week” share about what worked, and what doesn’t, and how others can try to do

4) allow HR voice in the boardroom
– allow HR to be aligned to management direction
– receive feedback on how management practices influence work climate at the ground level

Try it out!