Training Courses

Training courses are targeted and structured learning experiences designed to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to advance your personal and professional goals.

Learning and growing one step at a time

Embark on a transformative journey of discovery and growth with structured training courses. These immersive experiences provide a systematic path to unlocking your potential, offering curated content and expert guidance. Whether you’re a professional seeking to advance or a curious learner, these courses offer a supportive community, insights from experts, and opportunities to apply learned knowledge. Embrace the chance to challenge yourself, explore uncharted territories, and become the architect of your own success story through structured training courses.


“If an egg breaks from the outside, life ends. If it breaks from the inside, life begins.” The fundamental basis of learning starts from learning and growing oneself.


Build on a foundation of self-awareness to develop essential skills to influence and create an impact wherever you are.


Catalyse change by empowering others to embrace transformation with confidence. Shape the future with purpose, ensuring every step forward is a step towards growth.

7 Reasons Why Clients Choose Morphos Training

  1. Experienced Coaches: Our courses are designed and delivered by experienced coaches, who provide a comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.
  2. Personal Interaction: Our courses facilitate personal interaction access with coaches who can offer insights, answer questions and provide valuable feedback.
  3. Community: Our courses are designed to facilitate relationship-building among course mates through the sharing of experiences and learning from one another.
  4. Experiential: Our courses are designed to be experiential, which may include hands-on activities, group discussions, role plays, and other practical exercises.
  5. Applied Knowledge: Our courses are designed not only for the transfer of knowledge, but with a greater emphasis on application, to gain the skills and attributes required for growth.
  6. Customisable for Enterprises: Our courses can be customised to suit the learning needs of various organisations.
  7. Structured yet Flexible: Our courses are structured to achieve clear learning objectives and outcomes, yet also allow for flexibility to address different learning needs to ensure that the learning experience remains engaging for the learners.

Types of Training Courses Offered

Based on the learning needs, we can customise the learning programmes involving one or more of the following types of learning. Depending on the learning content and outcomes, the learning courses can be delivered in person, online, or hybrid mode.

  1. Learning Experiences: Short and focused learning, usually conducted within 2 hours, that generally consists of 3 components: content sharing, reflection activity, and discussion.
  2. Seminars: Short and focused learning, usually within 2 hours, that generally consists of 2 components: content sharing and discussion.
  3. Workshops: Highly interactive learning sessions that are conducted as half-day workshops or full-day workshops (one, or more days).
  4. Camps: Highly immersive learning sessions that are conducted across multiple days, and may be conducted locally or overseas.
  5. Modular Courses: Series of learning experiences or seminars that are structured together to deliver on learning outcomes.

Training Courses Available

For more details about the upcoming courses and its availability, please contact us at or reach out to your Morphos coach.


  • Personality Self-Discovery
  • PEAKS Academic Discovery
  • PEAKS Career Discovery


  • PEAKS Romance Discovery
  • PEAKS Marriage Discovery
  • PEAKS Parent-Child Discovery
  • PEAKS Family Team Discovery


  • PEAKS Leadership Discovery
  • PEAKS for Leaders
  • PEAKS for Managers
  • PEAKS for Sales
  • PEAKS for Teams


  • Morphos Associate Coach Course
  • Morphos Professional Coach Course
  • Morphos Master Coach Course


  • Foundational Coaching Skills
  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • Becoming a People Helper


  • Counselling Psychology
  • Family Psychology
  • Organisational Psychology

I’ve taken many courses, but this PEAKS course stands out for its effectiveness. The content was organised logically, and the interactive elements made learning engaging. The instructor’s expertise and willingness to address questions created a supportive learning environment. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned and how confident I feel applying my new skills.

Initially, I was skeptical about this course that was recommended to me by my friends, but this course exceeded my expectations. Being able to ask questions to the teacher, and learn from each other really helped to make learning a joy, and I was particularly impressed by the teacher’s expertise and responsiveness to each question. I now feel much more confident to take on the future!

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