Captain’s Journey


Captain’s Journey is a programme specially designed for youths and young people (ages 10 to 19) to enable them to discover their strengths and potential, creating a life action plan for a fulfilling life ahead. The programme consists of 2 workshops and a series of 2hr learning experiences to support the learning and development needs of the child in a step-wise manner. 2hr learning experiences are also available for parents looking to play an active role in their child’s Captain’s Journey.

1) Captain’s Journey Workshops

Code Product
CJ-01 Workshop 1: Start Your Navigation (1 day)

START YOUR NAVIGATION is a course specially designed for young people to discover their innate potential through PEAKS personality profiling system and to spur them towards developing their strengths to reach their aspirations.

CJ-02 Workshop 2: Raise Your Sail (2 day)

RAISE YOUR SAIL is a course specially designed for young people to clarify their life goals and direction, to design their action plan, and to launch them towards their aspirations.

2) 2hr Learning Experiences

Code Product
CJ-LE-X 2hr Learning Experience for Youths and Young People
CJ-PA-X 2hr Learning Experience for Parents

X refers to product codes from subsequent series.

Captain’s Journey Topics Include:

  • Captain’s Journey Workshops
  • 2hr Learning Experiences