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Is there time to develop people?

Let’s face it. Developing people takes time. If only we have the right people, with the right skills and attitudes in our team… If only we can hire right… If only the right people stay… If only we have more time… We are living in a rush(ed) hour. Even the time taken to read this […]

Yvonn Chan

Education Background: Licentiate/Honorary (London College Music) Professional Background: LLCM, Hon LCM (London College Music) Founder/Chairperson (Pertubuhan Komuniti HARAP Kuantan) Principal (Kuantan Music Centre S/B)

Anna Ho

Education Background: Bachelor in Theology (Hosanna Bible College) Bachelor of Commerce (Valuation & Property Management) (Lincoln University) Professional Background: Pastor (SIB Hosanna)

訏敬祥 (Hii KS)

学识背景: 和散那圣经学院毕业生 专业背景: 社会工作 (Destiny for Children) 传道 (和散那教会, BEM Hosanna) 传道 (611:活水教会)

Chia Kai Siang

Education Background: Diploma in Electrical & Electronic (United College, Sarawak) Degree in Biblical Stuides (Hosanna Bible College) Professional Background: Pastor (SIB Hosanna Church)